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Our goal at Life Catlin Insurance is to get our clients the best rates and benefits for their insurance needs.

Whether if it's a small policy to cover final expenses, a business policy to cover the life of a key person in your business, or a 30-year Term Policy to help cover a mortgage. We have the obligation to get you and your family insured at an affordable rate to fit any budget. 

And you ask, how can we offer the best rates in the industry?

Life Catlin Insurance is a broker for many of the top insurance companies in the country. So we are appointed with companies like;

Mutual of Omaha

Royal Neighbors of America

Gerber Life Insurance




American Amicable

American Internation Group

Guarantee Trust Life

And Many More....

So we are able to shop the insurance market for our clients.

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Final Expense

From burial costs to medical bills, the days, weeks, and months after a death can be a stressful time for family and friends.  For individuals 50-85 looking to lessen that burden and help ensure your loved ones don’t have out-of-pocket expenses associated with end-of-life care, funeral costs, or outstanding debt, affordable final expense coverage from Life Catlin Insurance is available for amounts from $5,000 up to $35,000. 

At Life Catlin Insurance, we want to help you protect the most precious things in your life. Since 2018 we’ve put our clients firmly at the forefront of our competitive Insurance Agency. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. 

We offer a wide range of insurance products and unparalleled customer support 24/7, so we’re always here when you need us the most. Contact us to find out more about our extensive selection of products and services and how we can provide the extra layer of protection you’ve been looking for. 

Whole Life

Whole life insurance accumulates cash value—money you can use for future expenses like college tuition or income in retirement. We at Life Catlin Insurance can help create a combination of protection and growth potential, designed around your goals. 

Long-Term Protection

Cash Value

Premiums Stay Level

New to Medicare?

To choose a Medicare plan, you first need to understand a bit about Medicare. What types of plans are there? Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D—what do they all mean and how do they work together? And what about Medicare Supplement Insurance (also called Medigap)—is that a type of Medicare coverage, too?  

Life Catlin Insurance offers All the Best Medicare carriers in your area, with the best benefits, and great affordable rates.

BlueCross BlueShield





Harvard Pilgrim

Medicare & Medicaid Programs

It may make sense to switch from your current employer group plan to a Medicare Plan

Term Life

Term life insurance is a great way to provide basic protection for your loved ones. With customizable features and the option to upgrade to permanent protection, term life insurance maybe the perfect way to get started. 

Term life lets you choose exactly how long your coverage will last. Term life insurance premiums are affordable for most budgets. Flexible features let you build a policy that will work for you now and upgrade to a permanent policy later. 


Starting an annuity may be the right fit for you. Not sure what to do with your 401k(IRA) account? 

Are you receiving RMDs and are getting hit with taxes?

Do you want something that is safe from market volatility, but still has the potential for greater return rates than a bank account?

Turn your 401k(IRA) into a pension-like income stream to last a lifetime and potentially more.

Great way to pass money down to family, charity, while bypassing probate.

When you turn the age of 50, it's a smart idea to protect some of your nest egg with an Annuity.

Retirement Planning

You have worked so hard all these years just to let avoidable circumstances take from your retirement. 

It is never too early to plan for retirement. With so many moving parts, it's a good idea to look into how you can protect your nest egg from;

Excessive Taxes

Market Volatility

Income Shortage

Long Term Care

Avoiding Probate


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Do you know anyone that needs help with protecting their family?

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